IOT Based fall detection Using Nodemcu

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IoT Based fall detection Using Nodemcu

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This paper developed a fall detection system based on a single mems sensor-based wearable device. There is no special requirement of the device’s mounting orientation because the algorithm does not claim the axes of the accelerometer to fix strictly. This system has consumed a low power and highly efficient algorithm, which could extend the service time of the wearable device. Both the hardware and software designs are suitable for wearable and outdoor applications.

Typical Applications

  • highly sensitive accelerometers are used
  • vibrations in rotating machinery
  • flight stabilization in drones
  • Machinery health monitoring.
  • detect faults in rotator machines
  • Measure the depth of CPR chest compressions.
  • Navigation systems make use of accelerometer sensors for knowing the direction.
  • Remote sensing devices also use accelerometers to monitor active volcanoes.

Components Required

  • ESP8266
  • Mems sensor
  • Lithium Polymer battery

Block diagram

block diagram of IOT Based fall detection Using Nodemcu 

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