IOT Based ESP32 Controlling and Monitoring Using Ubidots MQTT Server

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In this method, we have measured the motor speed use with a hall sensor. The measured value is upload into MQTT cloud 

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This paper consists of MQTT based controlling and monitoring the devices using ESP32 microcontroller. In this, we monitoring the hall Effect in Nodemcu ESP32 and controlling the electrical device in ESP32 using the MQTT protocol. The MQTT is working as a client and subscriber but we using the Ubidots website to control and monitor the devices. The electrical devices are connected to the relay board the relay is working in ON and OFF condition MQTT was publishing 1 means the relay will ON. If MQTT was publishing 0 means relay will OFF condition. Devices are controlled by the Ubidots website using the MQTT protocol application.

Proposed System

The MQTT protocol is most easily to monitoring and controlling the devices in embedded developing projects in this we used ESP32 microcontroller. Here we controlling one relay and one sensor value monitoring in the Ubidots website through the MQTT protocol. The Hall sensor is using measure the speed of the motor and etc..

Block Diagram

block diagram of IOT Based ESP32 Controlling and Monitoring Using Ubidots MQTT Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Nodemcu ESP32
  • Relay Board
  • Electrical Devices
  • Hall Sensor

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
  • Ubidots
  • MQTT protocol

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