IoT based Earthquake Detection system

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IoT based Earthquake Detection system

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IoT based Earthquake Detection system

Quick detection and notification of earthquake could minimize injuries, fatalities or prevent a disaster. An accelerometer for earthquake detection requires both high sensitivity and a wide measurable range, although high frequency response is not required. Micro-accelerometers based on various principles have been developed. With a conventional accelerometer, there is a trade-off between the measurable range and the sensitivity, although a servo-mechanism  has been introduced to widen the measurable range without lowering the sensitivity.We have noticed that MEMS sensor detects the shaking whenever earthquake happens and the dataβ€Ÿs will be updated on thinkspeak. The sensor has no limit to its measuring range, it has a high accuracy of 20 nm.

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Hardware used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • MEMS sensor

Additional information

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