IoT Based Car pollution Detection

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IoT Based Car pollution Detection

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IoT Based Car pollution Detection

Pollution is in India as well as in the whole world is depleting the ozone layer and is playing major role in air pollution. The objective of research is to implement a carbon monoxide detection system which will measure and track the CO levels and can also measure the values in any applications. The IOT (Internet of Things) is the bridge connector to the existing Internet infra; it plays the role of connecting the thing (things are the physical devices like lights, phones, cars) to the Internet. We developed prototype or system using a MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor and GPS system, which detects the gas leakage in Car at location tracked using GPS.

Hardware used

  • NodeMcu ES8266
  • GPS
  • MQ-7 gas sensor

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

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