IOT based Arduino Uno Home Automation using Blynk App

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IOT based Arduino Uno Home Automation using Blynk App

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This project is developed for dominant home appliances through the internet in real time and additionally to control them in numerous modes from any far off. Our main focus is managing the house appliances in our desired modes and controls them in a straightforward method. We tend to use the Blynk app to dominant appliances and operate them in numerous modes like optimum, sleeping, auto, etc. additionally all the appliances are often controlled separately. Therefore by operative them in numerous modes, it’ll save power furthermore as build our life easier and cozy.


Internet of Things permits us to manage connected devices from anyplace and exchange information over the devices. The house automation system controls home appliances mechanically and once this technique is connected to the internet it becomes a locality of IoT. There is a unit of three main generations of home automation. First is, the various wireless technology with proxy servers, second is computing (AI) controlled home automation and last robots that directly communicate with humans. Our project is that the 1st generation automation. Implementing the primary generation of the house automation appliances have to connect with the web, therefore, users will manage the system from any remote place. That’s why IoT has become a desire for automation.

Block Diagram

block diagram of IOT based Arduino Uno Home Automation using Blynk App

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino Uno
  • Fan
  • Bulb
  • Motor

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
  • Blynk Application


In our planned model a high proportion of accuracy has been achieved through implementation. This method is capable of dominating the house appliances supported the user’s desired mode. All the modes work with sensible accuracy that was found throughout implementation. Users solely ought to choose modes from their smartphones and our system can do the remainder of controlling the appliances. This planned project is extremely reliable. Therefore it is aforesaid that this system has higher accuracy with nice potency.

Future Modification

This system has immense opportunities to upgrade within the future. As mentioned earlier this is often the primary generation of home automation. It might be upgraded to the second generation by storing and analyzing knowledge on the cloud servers. Then victimization machine learning algorithms, we have a tendency to even ought not to select modes from smartphones. Rather it’d be ready to switch modes with its own computer science.

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