IOT Based Anti-Hunt Alarm System for Trees in Forest Using Nodemcu

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In this paper consists of an anti-hunt alarm system for a tree in a forest and we are using the sensor to monitor tree in the forest. If anybody hunt tree buzzer will blow at the same time sensor value is display in mobile or pc to forest officers.

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Nowadays their area unit numerous occurrences regarding the pirating of trees like sandal, Sag wan and then forth. These trees area unit high-ticket and pitiful. They’re utilized within the medicinal sciences, beautifying agents. To limit their sneaking and to spare woodlands around the world some preventive estimates ought to be sent. The wave got designed up a framework that may be utilized to limit sneaking. The structure framework utilizes 3 sensors tilt sensor to acknowledge the tendency of the tree once it’s being cut, temperature sensor to determine timberland fires, a sound sensor for the successful discovery of unlawful work for instance so, even the sounds created whereas chopping out the tree area unit in addition detected. information created from these sensors is consistently observed with the page. As for the sensors, their yield gadgets area unit initiated through a hand-off switch. For a tilt sensor and sound sensor, a ringer is enacted and for the temperature sensor, the water siphon is actuated. Created data is placed away within the cloud Server over the Wi-Fi module. Woods authorities square measure suggested once an occasion happens therefore correct move is created.


Hunt is not identified with India simply, China, Australia, and the African nation’s area unit in addition to battling with the same issue. Indian sandalwood prices 12000 to 13000 government agency for each kilogram through in worldwide market red sanderswood prices government agency ten centers for every ton. The Indian true sandalwood has turned out to be uncommon as recently, attempting to control its conceivable misfortune, the Indian government is attempting to restrict the exportation of wood. For a private, the most extreme admissible buy limit is not to surpass three.8kg consistent with Govt. On the off probability that the tree is as of currently government-controlled, at that time, its evacuation is denied whether or not on personal or sanctuary grounds till the tree is thirty years ancient. sneaking of sandalwood has created money and peace problems in territories circumscribing in the Republic of India. the basic goal of this undertaking is to make up a framework that can be utilized to confine the sneaking of sandalwood trees. 

Block Diagram

block diagram of IOT Based Anti-Hunt Alarm System for Trees in Forest Using Nodemcu

Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino Uno
  • ESP8266
  • Tilt Sensor
  • DHT 11 Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Water Pump
  • Relay Board

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded-C
  • Blynk Application


This undertaking presents a Microcontroller, sound sensor, and IOT based mostly WSN hub to differentiate robbery/sneaking adding to the insurance of important and valuable types of tree. Reproductions and trial results are contrasted with approving the planned structure. The shared correspondence between the hub and also the computer is executed here. The future extent of labor is that the execution of the Multi-hub system and fuse of the mouthpiece, movement symbol detector and temperature detector to create frameworks more and more power to get data like human or creature obstruction, fireplace location.

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