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Meet the Course Designer

A P Sanjay Kumar


Programming: Python, C, C++, R, Matlab, Basic Embedded C
Technology: Data Science (Core), Brain-Computer Interface, Blockchain, Robotics, ROS, IOT, Embedded System
Hardware: Nvidia AI Dev Boards, Raspberry Pi, PYNQ FPGA, Intel NCS, Autonomous Robot with LIDAR, ROS on Matlab & Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Other ESP Boards.

Complete Course Curriculum

( Everything Covered From Basics )

Artificial Intelligence Master Class

In this section you will see the overview of this course | Introduction to AI | How to create basic AI applications (Chatbot using DialogFlow).

In this section, You will learn the various components in capture cis and how design schematics.
How to create project. How to link library and finally how to draw Schematics.

In this section you will see Introduction to Computer Vision and How to install computer vision libraries.

Here you will have a practical section on how to detect moving object with the help of its color based on OpenCV techniques.

In this section you will see how to detect and track a face in real time using Haar Cascade Algorithm.

In this section you will see how to track an object using color with opencv techniques.

In this section you will see how to Recognize different Faces in real-time.

In this section you will be able to recognize different face emotions using OpenCV techniques.

In this section you will see the introduction about deep learning and how to install different libraries required for deep learning.

In this section you will be able to design your own neural network based on the requirements.

In this section, you will be able to recognize different objects with the help of pre-trained models.

Here you will be using convolutional neural network to classify different image labels

In this section you will be able to recognize different hand gestures using deep learning.

Here you will be able to perform leaf disease detection using Convolutional neural network

In this section you will be able to recognize different characters using CNN

Here you will able to read different characters using optical character recognition

In this section you will be practicing smart attendance marking system using Deep learning Techniques in real time

Here you will be able to detect different vehicles using deep learning techniques.

Here you will be Deploying an ALPR Application using Open ALPR.

In this section you will be detecting drowsiness using 68-Landmark Predictor

Here you will be practicing Road Sign Recognition using Deep Learning technique

In this section you learn about Machine learning| How to install required Machine Learning libraries

Here you will be evaluating different machine learning models by training and deploying it for a particular application.

Here you will be using Machine learning techniques to detect fake news

In this section you will be using Reinforcement technique to design an AI based Snake game.

In this section you will have an Introduction to NLP & it’s Terminology and How to install NLP Libraries NLTK

Here you will be generating titles from paragraph using NLP Technique

In this section you will be able to analyze the Speech and also detect the emotion using NLP Techniques

Here you will learn Cloud-based AI, Object recognition using Amazon Web Service (AWS) & Imagga

In this section you will Deploy AI application in Raspberry Pi with Neural Compute stick & Nvidia Jetson Nano

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • People are facing problem in the field of learning. A problem such as Not application basis, not interactive, not result-oriented, not hands-on, not precise, etc. these problems were solved in our new methodology of learning “Application-based Learning”
  • You will be part of a Technical private community that delivers Technical skills, soft skills, Mindset, to the Membership
  • You will get the latest interview Q&A mail and also information about jobs and we will keep you motivated!

We are providing Job announcements and guidance to get Job including technical skills and soft skills

This course has been designed to keep beginners in mind. You will be able to learn as we start from the basics. We have many learners doing this course who had no prior coding experience.

Course validity is 1 Year, the reason for not giving the course for a lifetime is We no need number of course registration, we need course completion. As per the human mindset, whenever we have a deadline, we are used to completing the task faster than without a deadline. This is a proper mindset.

But You gonna get Lifetime Validity for the Private Community

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