Interleaved high voltage gain dc to dc converter

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Interleaved high voltage gain dc converter
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This project has three winding coupled inductors and voltage multipliers. This converter is produce high output voltage without extreme duty cycle of the power switches. And also reduce the switching losses.

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          The interleaved high voltage gain dc to dc converters are extremely used for the low voltage level power sources(i.e.) solar. This project high voltage gain converter based on interleaved technique and using three-winding coupled inductor and voltage multiplies. In this converter, high voltage gain is achieved without extreme duty cycle of the power switches. The voltage stress across the devices can be reduced by increasing the turns ratio of the secondary of the coupled inductors and also reduce the switching losses. This converter operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM).


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          This project is mainly focused on the nonpolluting resources such as photovoltaic, fuel cell, wind energy and etc.These resources are need for high voltage gain DC-DC converters to meet the DC voltage requirements of inverter commonly employed for the connection with AC network. So only this dc to dc converter is used for high voltage gain applications.

Existing System

          Conventional boost converter is one of the most common ways for increasing output voltage, but the output voltage is increased the power devices resistance value also increase. And also conduction losses are highly produced. So these disadvantages are overcome by using this converter.


Proposed System

           The converter can be divided to two stages. The first stage of the converter is included of two diodes (D1,D2), switched capacitor C1, clamp capacitor C2, and coupled inductor. The second stage of the converter uses a VMC. The VMC is made of two blocking capacitors (C3, C4) and two regenerative diodes (D3, D4). D5 and C0 are output diode and output capacitor, respectively.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram Explanation

  • Driver circuit: -It can be used to amplify the pulses and provided isolations for using opto coupler. It has two functions,

    • Amplification

    • Isolation

  • Pulse generator: - Here we have used PIC microcontroller (PIC 16F877A) to generate a switching pulse.

  • Bridge rectifier: It converts AC Supply into DC Supply.

  • DC to DC Converter: It is converts low voltage DC to High voltage DC Supply.

Driver Board

Pic Controller Board


          The pic controller is used to generate the PWM pulses for converter and inverter circuit. The pic controller pulses are given to the driver circuit as input. Driver board is mainly used to isolate and amplify the input signal from the controller unit. The driver circuit amplified output will be connected to the main power circuit devices. The power transformer ac supply is connected to bridge rectifierthis ac is converted to dc. This dc is applied to Converter and this dc voltage is stepped up and fed to the load.


Circuit Diagram For High Voltage Dc To Dc Converter


  • High gain
  • High efficiency


  • High power applications
  • PV applications


          This project is made up of three winding coupled inductor and voltage multiplier circuits. Converter produces high voltage with the help of coupled inductor. If the coupled inductor secondary turns are increased the output voltage also increased. The interleaved technique is used toreduce the size of filter.

Converter Output Waveform

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