Intelligent Baby Incubator

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Intelligent Baby Incubator

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Intelligent Baby Incubator

In this project, is to provide a control on the changes in temperature for certain applications such as baby incubator.In today’s world where temperature is an important part of our environment.This project encircles temperature, humidity and heartbeat monitoring system for infant incubator. Examining momentous of temperature and humidity is a base for this project. In this project we are using Arduino Uno which is a microcontroller.  Any variations in the temperature can affect all the living organism and also some semiconductor materials.Worldwide incubator is used for the infants to improve the survival of babies by providing them warm environment and reducing the heat loss from the baby’s body. Basically, incubator is the standard method used worldwide. In this we are using Arduino, temperature sensor for monitoring or controlling the temperature of the baby’s body. The constant temperature of 36.5-37.2° C is required by the baby as it is required by the baby as in mother’s womb. The programming code of Arduino is used to control the temperature. Buzzer is used for the indication of change in temperature in a neonatal nursing home where a number of incubators are kept.

Hardware Tools:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Temperature Sensor

Software Tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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