Image Retrieval based on Segmentation


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In this project we are approaching that image retrieval based on the segmentation process. Image retrieval is always based on image color, text and shape. Here we are identifying the image features by using threshold process. So what is meaning by threshold process is just converting the color image to black and white by using mean formula. After that depending upon the segmentation process we will retrieve the images by assuming the shapes of the image.



Efficient image retrieval in digital visual database systems has been of great interest over the last decade. Recent developments in digital imaging technology, broadband networking and digital storage devices have scat the stage for the generation, transmittal, manipulation and storage of large numbers of digital images arid documents. To access these images automatically and on demand requires the ability to segment, index, store, and retrieve visual information effectively and efficiently and as such offers unprecedented challenges in the clever of these technologies. These challenges have generated significant interest in the development of content based image indexing and retrieval algorithms and systems. In everyday life, humans are accustomed to utilizing high level concepts, like objects, people, places, etc., to help LIS navigate through our daily quests. While these concepts come naturally to a human observer, they pose a significant challenge to computer systems that are attempting to perform content based image indexing and retrieval in an automatic fashion. Researchers have utilized various features such as color, shape, texture, and motion in an attempt to develop a “semantic” level of understanding for image content. Although the progress in this area has been steady arid forthcoming with many papers published on a yearly basis, the research is still in its in lanky stages with many breakthroughs yet to be made.


In existing system we had used  DCT segmentation to analyze the shapes of the object and to retrieve the images from database images. In existing system query image will be retrieved with similar  images. But the images will be cant manage if we trained database more. It will be more complex.


Here we are using proposing one technique that segmentation process with threshold. It was shown that the segmentation performance of the proposed method evaluated using Retrieval rate and Accuracy. The results clearly show that the performances of the proposed method for object image retrieval are significantly superior to those of the other methods for global region texture image retrieval.


image retrieval based segmentation


  • Performance improvement
  • Low complexity


  • Old books retrieval of library
  • QR code retrievals


  • MATLAB 2014 or above versions

Matlab GUI for Image Retreival

image retrieval


We are gaining images of database with similarities of large dataset. For this project we have large number of future implementation applications. We can use these type of techniques not only with images but also in real time applications also. But the similarity comparison algorithm we have change a small. Finally, in this project we will get the retrieved images with one query image based on the similarity ranking.


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