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Matlab Code for Pixel Level Image fusion using Average Method

Matlab Code for Pixel level Image fusion using Average Method

As mentioned previously in this report, the very concept of information fusion arose from the idea of averaging the available information. Image Fusion also saw a similar background, wherein the most simplistic was to fuse a set of input image was to average the pixel intensities of the corresponding pixels. The fused image produced by this method projects both the good and the bad information from the input images. Due to the averaging operation, both the good and the bad information are minimized arriving at an averaged image. Thus the algorithm does not actually fuse the images perfectly. The algorithm, being the simplest one, can be put in one step as the following:

Demonstration Video


1. Calculate the average intensity value of each corresponding pixel of the pair of input images.


Pixel at every position (m,n) are averaged to obtained the (m,n) pixel of the fused image.

Matlab code for Image Fusion using Averaging Method




M1 = imread('mri.jpg');

M2 = imread('ct.jpg');



FusedImage=(M1 + M2) / 2;


imshow(M1,[ ]);


imshow(M2,[ ]);

title('Image Fusion using Averaging');


imshow(FusedImage,[ ]);