Image inpainting using OpenCV


Image inpainting using OpenCV

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Image inpainting using OpenCV


       Image inpainting is the process of removing damage, such as noises, strokes or text, on images. It is particularly useful in the restoration of old photographs which might have scratched edges or ink spots on them. These can be digitally removed through this method.Image inpainting works by replacing the damaged pixels with pixels similar to the neighboring ones, therefore, making them inconspicuous and helping them blend well with the background.

Proposed system

       This is based on Fast Marching Method (FMM). Looking at the region to be inpainted, the algorithm first starts with the boundary pixels and then goes to the pixels inside the boundary. It replaces each pixel to be inpainted with a weighted sum of the pixels in the background, with more weight given to nearer pixels and boundary pixels.

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