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Image Denoising using -Open CV Projects

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Image Denoising using -Open CV Projects

Denoising is done to remove unwanted noise from image to analyze it.It refers to one of the major preprocessing steps.

Denoising or noise reduction is the process of removing noise from signals obtained from analog or digital devices. This section focuses its attention on reducing noise from digital images and videos.

Although smoothing and median filtering are good options to denoise an image.These are the nonlocal means and the TVL1 (Total Variation L 1) algorithms. The basic idea of the nonlocal means algorithm is to replace the color of a pixel with an average of the colors from several image sub-windows that are similar to the one that comprises the pixel neighborhood. On the other hand, the TVL1 variational denoising model, which is implemented with the primal-dual optimization algorithm, considers the image-denoising process a variational problem.

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