Hybrid Image Encryption and Steganography -Image Processing Project


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Cryptography is used for secure communication over a media in presence of third party adversaries. If proper encryption algorithm is not used then it will be easy for third party hackers to decrypt the secret message very easily. This paper presents a strong hybrid image encryption and decryption algorithm. In order to make the encrypted image harder to decrypt Arnold’s cat map is combined with two more algorithms, Criss-cross and Random Shuffling technique to make an altogether relatively stronger permutation cipher. Steganography is used to conceal the encrypted secret file within the cover image to get the stego image. In this paper the steganography algorithm will consist of a combination of Continuous Raster C pattern and LSB algorithm. LSB algorithm will be applied based on the scan pattern. The experimental results demonstrate that the image encryption algorithm and steganography algorithm together incorporate the advantages of great level of security

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