How to pair a Brainsense with PC,Pairing Brainsense

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Pairing Brainsense

How to Pair a Brainsense

You must reset pair each of your computers/tablets/phones to your Brainsense headband in order for them to connect to each other. Power on the Brainsense headband.


Control panel figure 3

  • Go to the Device and Printers


Device and Printers figure 4

Devices and printers window will be open and here we can add an additional devices and printers to the PC.

  • Click – Add a Device.


Add a Brainsense Bluetooth device figure 5

This step will list the Bluetooth devices which are switched on.

  • Select the Brainsense Headband – click next.


Add a Brainsense Bluetooth device figure 6

  • Select Enter the device’s pairing code – click next.


Pair a Brainsense Bluetooth device figure 7


Pair a Brainsense Bluetooth device figure 8

  • Enter the ‘0000’ authentication key for successful pairing – click next.


Pairing code for Brainsense figure 9

Once the drivers are successfully installed you get a below window popup and close it.


Paired Brainsense figure 10

  • Now the Brainsense headband is successfully paired with the PC.


Paired Brainsense figure 11

Steps to check paired device

To check whether Brainsense is properly paired and installed appropriate drivers we might follow the below steps. These steps will ensure the Brainsense installation and communication with the PC. Brainsense will create virtual com port while pairing to communicate with the PC.

  • Right click the Brainsense Headband – Properties.


Brainsense Headband Properties figure 12

In Brainsense properties go the Hardware/Services and note down the communication port for further usage“COM44”.

  • Tick Serial port (SPP) ‘Dev B’ COM44
  • Click ok


Brainsense com port figure 13

Some games and applications will ask for you to enter the serial COM port name or number for the game or application to connect to the headset. Almost you should aware at which communication port the Brainsense is paired.

There are many of serial monitor are available in the internet. To check about the proper communication of Brainsense you must install any one of the serial monitor. Always have the serial monitor with HEX view because all your brain data packets are in hexadecimal format only.

Few list of serial monitors:

Cool term
Advanced Serial Monitor
MikroC PRO for PIC – Hyper terminal

In this document illustrated example image are using X-CTU.

  • Open the Serial port terminal and set the Following:-
  • Choose the Com port : com44
  • Baud : 57600
  • Flow control : NONE
  • Data Bits : 8
  • Parity : NONE
  • Stop Bits : 1
  • Click the Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COM44).
  • Click Terminal.


Brainsense serial terminal figure 14

The data you are receiving from the Brainsense and displaying in this serial monitor. The terminal now displaying the Brainsense data packets in the ASCII format. To see in HEX

  • Click Show Hex.


Brainsense ASCII terminal figure 15


Brainsense HEX terminal figure 16

  • Close.
  • It ensured that the Data packets are received from the Brainsense.

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