How to pair a Brainsense with PC

How to pair a Brainsense with PC

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How to pair a Brainsense with PC


Brainsense is the Consumer Grade EEG kit manufacture in India for EEG research and BCI Projects. Pantech Group has been into the Educational sector for the last 3 years. You have trusted our brand and have helped us grow to what it is today. We very proudly introduce a new technology product in the brand name “Brainsense” designed and manufactured in India first of its kind in consumer EEG space.

Pantech is partnered with NeuroSky, the leader in consumer EEG technology in global space. Brainsense benefits from NeuroSky's 10 years of experience providing 98% Accuracy in research grade EEG. Your feedback will be of utmost importance to help improve the product.

This Wearable technology is simple to wear it on head and read your RAW EEG brainwaves in real time. It contains single channel EEG electrode placed at fp1 position of the head. Brainsense kit monitors your levels of attention and relaxation, and can learn about how brain responds to your different thought. With more brain training games and educational apps available through Neurosky store, there are lot of options to choose games based on your age and personal interest. This product is exactly compatible with Mindwave mobile and available for cheaper cost in India. It’s going to be a one of best Cognitive trainer kit for the kids who have attention deficiency and meditation meter for the meditation community.


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This kit is exactly compatible with Mindwave mobile from Neurosky .We have partner with Neurosky for providing TGAM1 ASIC chips for this product.

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