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Headband to measure your focus

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Gain insight into how your mind works by tracking your focus during any activity you choose. Understand yourself. Learn differently.


The Science Behind Melon.

The brain consists of billions of interconnected neurons. When a single neuron fires, it creates an almost imperceptible amount of electrical charge. During normal waking states, millions of neurons are firing collectively in your brain. The cumulative electrical activity that results can be measured on the forehead as brainwaves. Melon measures this global electrical activity by placing three electrodes on the forehead region, with the primary electrode on FP1. This allows Melon to monitor brainwave activity in the pre-frontal cortex.

Melon is partnered with NeuroSky, the leader in consumer EEG technology. The Melon system benefits from NeuroSky’s 9 years of experience with the following:

  • Signal amplification, which makes raw brainwave signals stronger.
  • Filtering protocols that eliminate known noise frequencies such as muscle movements and pulse.
  • Notch filters that eliminate electrical noise from the grid, which varies from 50Hz to 60Hz, depending on geographic location.

Filter technology remains at the forefront of NeuroSky R&D. The NeuroSky chip, used by Melon, filters out the ambient waves present in most uncontrolled conditions and effectively measures neural activity in virtually any condition with 96% accuracy relative to similarly configured research grade EEGs.

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