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Using GSM/GPRS with Internet of Things

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Hi, I need some advice. I want to use GSM/GPRS modem with internet of things i.e, sending the information of any sensor or peripheral(its state or operating condition) to HTTP, so that I can monitor the work remotely from internet using some website. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Salman Ali

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You could use for free server,you could create a free account,they have provided api on their website,all you have to pass the data to the server as mentioned in the api.

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Thanks for the reply. Can I know how to send data to that server ? If you can provide some example code for that I would be very much thankful to you.

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these are some of the AT commands used for sim900 module,

AT+SAPBR=3,1,"Contype","GPRS" AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN",""
let me know the Module you use.

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Module : Telit GL868-Dual V3

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Find the attached documents,may its useful for your projects(included all AT commands).

  1. Telit_Modules_Software_User_Guide_r15.pdf
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Thanks for your response. I have gone through this file and few other user guide. I am confused after seeing so many at commands. I would be glad if any one tell me the steps/procedure for sending data to my server using http client. There are few commands like
AT#HTTPCFG, AT#HTTPSND etc that i can use but I want proper steps right from taking data from UART register and sending that data to HTTP server using gsm module.

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Sorry we don't have telit modules to work on .