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Selection of GSM Module

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Hi, My team is working on GSM Dual band module. We need some assistance in choosing right GSM module.
We have viewed 3 Telit's modules
1) Telit GM862 Quad py
2) Telit GL868-Dual V3
3) Telit GL865-Dual V3

I would like to know which module you people have used so far. I wanna choose cheapest and efficient module for GSM project.(We would be most probably using GSM module to control home appliances). Waiting for your reply.
Salman Ali

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Currently we are using SIM900A and M10 modules,It is good for educational and DIY community.It is cheaper

Telit is reliable for Industrial ,Vehical tracking system and other real time product developemnt.

we face some problems with simcom GSM modules in real time applications.

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oh thanks. May I know what kind of problems did you people face ?

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We face some problems in signal reception,It takes more power consumption in battery operated mode.

GPRS data service gets hanged in some location,where telit works.

It was not reliable in some network provider.