Greenhouse system with MQTT and webpage control using Raspberry Pi

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Greenhouse system with MQTT and webpage control using Raspberry Pi

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Greenhouse projects are essential which is done by making gardening in our home and it makes some difficulties to manage the gardens, so we implemented this Raspberry Pi project to manage Greenhouse effect by monitoring the sensor values and gets reported using MQTT as well as we can control the motor pump remotely using web page as  localhost, as well as we can all;e to see the sensor parameters l; like temperature, moisture, and humidity value. So that whole Greenhouse system gets monitored and controlled remotely.


Block diagram of Greenhouse system with MQTT and webpage control using Raspberry Pi


The above block diagram shows that DHT11 sensor which is capable of providing both Temperature and Humidity values, connected to GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi, Soil moisture is measured by soil moisture sensor which is connected to the Raspberry Pi through ADC. A solenoid valve as the pump is connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO, which is controlled from the web page


This Raspberry Pi projects, allows you to maintain the Greenhouse and also to control the maintenance by switching ON/OFF the solenoid valve to pass the water. And also it will send every sensor data through MQTT protocol



  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI to VGA converter (optional, when connecting to Monitor)
  • MCP3008 (ADC IC)
  • DHT11 sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Solenoid Valve



  • SD Card Formatter
  • Win32 Disk Imager (or) Etcher



  • Rpi.GPIO as GPIO (To access GPIO Pins of Raspberry Pi)
  • Time library (For Delay functions)
  • Paho.MQTT



This webpage controlled watering the plant is done as localhost which is the home network to control the watering system remotely and also reconfigured to operate from any place away from Home.

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