Google Pi using Raspberry Pi


Google Pi is a Voice assistant Kit, It has Respeaker a 4 Mic array for giving voice input from distance, Interfaced with Raspberry Pi 3


Voice Assistant | YouTube Assistant | Object Recognition | Currency Recognition

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Nowadays, there are a lot of Voice assistance devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, etc. Likewise this Google Pi is also one kind of voice assistant device which is mainly for Visually impaired people to fulfill their needs. It has 4 Great Features, they are

  1. Currency Recognition – This will be helpful for Blind people while doing Purchase

  2. Object Recognition – This will be helpful to know the object or vehicle present in front of them

  3. Voice assistance – This will be helpful for asking about the weather, General knowledge, Jokes, etc.

  4. YouTube support – This will be helpful to listen to music and any other educational audio from YouTube Video


In this Google Pi, Raspberry Pi is used as a core system. Respeaker a 4 Mic array is connected with Raspberry Pi to receive voice commands from the distance. For Object recognition and Currency recognition, Deep learning is used. For Voice assistance and YouTube Google API is used and also customized. It will be a friendly device for blind people. For object and currency recognition Web camera or Mobile camera can be interfaced with the Raspberry Pi.

Existing System

In the existing system, there is a lot of disadvantage which stopped only up to voice assistance none other than features. Some device works only by getting the voice input from the USB Mic which should be placed near to the mouth, else input given through mobile.

Proposed System

In this proposed system, all old disadvantage gets broken by this new Google Pi. Through deep Learning application classifications are more accurate, for voice assistant by using Google API the responses are faster as well as more accurate. Respeaker a 4 Mic array, helps to give voice command from distance and from any direction.

Demo Video

Connection description

Respeaker has 40 Pin Female header, which can be easily plugged in the Raspberry Pi Male Header, Mini Rechargeable Speaker is connected to the 3.5mm audio jack of the Raspberry Pi. For Camera, you can use either USB Webcam or Android mobile phone as a camera.

Project description

In this Google Pi, Every feature can be run through Voice commands. Commands such as

Input commands

Prefix – Ok Google

  • A prefix is necessary to avoid unnecessary listening of other voice, which spoken by others

Google commands

Prefix – Ok Google + “Your command” for google search

For Example:            

  • Ok google what’s the time now
  • Ok google who is the prime minister of America
  • Ok google Tell me a joke

Prefix – Ok Google + play + “Your command” + youtube

 To play only first YouTube audio

For Example:

  • Ok google play embedded system In English Youtube
  • Ok google play AR Rahman songs Youtube

Prefix – ok Google + Autoplay + “your command” + Youtube

 To playlist of songs as one by one, where “Play next” and “Play Previous” command will work

For Example:            

  • Ok google play previous
  • ok Google auto play Justin Bieber songs Youtube
  • Ok google play next

Prefix – ok Google stop

  • To stop playing any audio

Custom commands

Prefix – ok google + Trigger + “in front”

  • Object Recognition – Deep Learning

    • To detect an obstacle in front of the person (Before this application IP should be configured in the code and Camera also should be opened)
    • it will tell the list of the object present in the frame with Multi-object

Prefix – ok google + Trigger + “Currency”

  • Currency Recognition – Deep learning

    • To detect the currency in front of the camera(Before this application IP should be configured in the code and Camera also should be opened)
    • It will detect the currency and results as a voice command. If not detected, it will say No currency detected

Hardware required

Software required

  • Raspbian Image
  • SD Card Formatter
  • Etcher/Win32 disk imager


Google Pi helps in many ways by adding furthermore custom voice commands to turn ON/OFF the Home appliance. It uses Google as search assistant to have excellent accuracy. That’s why it is named as “Google Pi”  

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