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This is the low cost 4 channel eeg board from open bci

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The OpenBCI Ganglion is a high-quality, affordable bio-sensing device, compatible with OpenBCI’s free open-source software. On the input side, there are 4 high-impedance differential inputs, a driven ground (DRL), a positive voltage supply (Vdd), and a negative voltage supply (Vss). The inputs can be used as individual differential inputs for measuring EMG or ECG, or they can be individually connected to a reference electrode for measuring EEG. Data is sampled at 200Hz on each of the 4 channels.

We are using a Simblee for our on-board microcontroller and wireless connection. Simblee is RF Digital’s next generation Arduino-compatible radio module. It is smaller and more robust than the RFDuino, which we have been using on our OpenBCI 32bit Boards and USB Dongles. The new Simblee provides user programmable flash, 29 GPIO pins, and the ability to update software over the air (OTA). Every Ganglion will be pre-programmed with versatile firmware so you can get started sensing your body right out of the box. We will also break-out up to 16 of the GPIOs for you to hack with.

Want to see more use cases of OpenBCI? Head to our keyword searchable collection of recently published, OpenBCI-based EEG, EMG, and ECG research

Kit Includes

  • (x1) OpenBCI Ganglion Board
  • (x1) 6V AA battery pack (batteries not included)
  • (x4) plastic feet (for board stabilization)

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Weight 1.000000 kg


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