Fruit Disease Detection using Image Processing – Matlab

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In this project, this approach will be detecting the diseases which affect the fruits and can even identify some types of diseases which attack fruits based on some comparisons. On account of that, the approach is using CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks), which is a deep learning algorithm that is where input is taken as images, and those images were differentiated based on various aspects and parameters taken from it and is most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery. This will be definitely helpful for the farmers to enhance the growth of the crops in the mere future. For this approach, python language has been chosen for further analysis. By applying this proposed system, the accuracy level reached is 97%.


In India, the livelihood of 58% of the Indian population is based on agriculture. So, the constantly changing climatic conditions and also some diseases have a high effect on crops and are leading to less crop yield. And India stands second in the list of highly populated countries and it is still increasing. On account of that, food consumption will automatically increase and this will lead us to the situation where people have to produce more food. India not only produces and exports food crops but also fruits. Here the classification of good and bad fruits is barely done manually in most places. This leads to more errors in the grading of fruits while exporting. So, to overcome the faults that happen during the manual classification, here also, researchers have proposed an image detection method to classify the diseased fruits from good fruits to improve the quality of classification while exporting fruits. Here this approach is using CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks) which detects the quality of the fruit layer by layer.


For the problem of identifying diseases of fruits, precise image segmentation is needed; otherwise, the characteristics of the infected region will be dominated by the characteristics of the non-infected region. In this proposed method, CNN-based image processing is preferred to detect the particular region that is only the part that is infected. After the completion of the processing part of the input image, particular characteristics were extracted from the processed image. And then finally, the training part of this method and classification process is performed and the exact result has been provided.




The plants are which are being cultivated should be disease-free and pest-free, so that people can contribute a good sum to the global economy and can help farmers and agriculturalists to lead a good, wealthy as well as healthy life. These things can be literally achieved with the help of image processing and the proposed algorithm. The Use of CNN algorithms paves an easy way to detect the disease on the fruits and helps to classify the diseases from healthy fruit. From these methods and algorithms, this approach can easily identify and classify the fruits using image processing techniques. The leading objective of our project is to boost the worth of fruit disease detection


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