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This tutorial helpful in programming xilinx serial PROM XCF04S 4MB. As a result FPGA data is stored in non volatile memory for permanent storage.

The following is the PROM File Formatter flow for generating a PROM file for a Xilinx Platform Flash or PROM device.

1. Open the PROM File Formatter Wizard by double-clicking Create PROM File (PROM File Formatter) in the iMPACT Flows panel.


2. The PROM File Formatter Wizard opens (see below).

☞Select Xilinx FLASH/PROM.

☞Click the arrow to the right


 3. In the Add Storage Device

☞Specify PROM Family and Device (bits)

☞Click Add Storage Device

☞Click the arrow to the right


4. In the Enter Data specify the entries in the General File Detail section and the Flash/PROM File Property section for the PROM file to be created.

☞Specify Output PROM file name and select its location

☞Click OK.


5. In the Add Device dialog boxes, specify the device (bitstream) files to be added to the PROMs.

Note The same startup clock restrictions that apply for configuring devices with a cable also apply to adding bitstreams to PROM files. For PROM files, only bitstreams with startup clock settings of CCLK are allowed.


6. As bitstreams are added, the PROM contents are displayed in the PROM File Formatter window. Right-click in the PROM File Formatter window and select Generate File. iMPACT generates the PROM files you specified.


7. Now select Initialize Chain Icon and select lcd .mcs file to PROM Device.


8. To Program PROM , right click and select Program. It display Program Succeeded after completion.