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Generation of PROM File for Altera FPGA Universal Development Board

Generation of PROM File for Altera FPGA

What is .sof & .pof file?

-> .sof is SRAM Object File & .pof is Programming Object File. Both files are used to configure FPGA.

FPGA contains SRAM. It holds the design configuration. To configure that memory .sof file is used. SRAM is volatile memory, during every power cycle it is necessary to reprogram FPGA. FPGA can be configured automatically using external non volatile memory. These memories can be Compact Flash Memory cards or dedicated high density flash memory. .pof file is used to configure such non volatile memories. FPGA has capability to access these memories and its internal logic can configure SRAM from external memory. So no need to configure FPGA manually.

Step 1:

Download and install QuartusII

Step 2:

Run QuartusII and go to "File Menu-> Convert Programming Files"

Step 3:

In Convert Programming File window select

  • Programming File Type as .pof
  • Configuration device (in my case EPCS4)
  • Select path and file name for output file

Step 4:

Now click on SOF Data as shown in below image and click on Add File

Step 5:

Browse .sof file using Select Input File browser and click on Open


Step 6:

Now click on Generate button in Convert Programming File window

Step 7:

If everything is OK then QuartusII will show message of success

Step 8:

Programming .pof file to Serial Configuration Device

  • Connect FPGA board to PC using USB Cable (Make sure you have connected to USB Blaster)
  • Select Serial Configuration Memory using slide switch(Prog Mode) on FPGA board and power on the FPGA board
  • Go to "Tools Menu->QuartusII Programmer" in QuartusII
  • Select "Mode" as "Active Serial Programming"
  • Click on Add file button and browse generated .pof file
  • Now Click on Start button. Programming done.