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Four Weeks Internship on IoT with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence @ NITK Surathkal

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We are happy to inform that we are organizing a Four Weeks Internship on IoT with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence ” in association with National Institute of Technology , Surathkal from 9th July 2018 to 3rd August 2018.

What will you learn?

Node MCU 5 DAYS AGENDA (Week 1)

DAY – 1| Introduction to Node MCU and IDE

  • Basic NODE MCU and ARDUINO Uno Presentation
  • Software Installation Node MCU in ArduinoIde
  • Basic Embedded C
  • Starting with our Normal GPIO control  (Led, Buzzer)
  • Input control (IR/PIR Applications) Serial receive/ Transmitting

 Day – 2 | UART communication and Ultrasonic

  • (Switch Application) on/off using char and string Receive
  • Working of ultrasonic sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor distance measuring and display on serial monitor
  • Ultrasonic sensor with buzzer “obstacle detected,” on serial monitor
  • Security Alert using I/O devices like PIR

 DAY – 3 | ADC &IoT (using Wi-Fi)

  • Starting with local server Led/buzzer on off button from wifi control
  • Comparison of ESP8266 wifi circuit and NODE MCU
  • Connecting Analog sensors (Analogue read)
  • ON/OFF Switching of appliances or home device
  • Creating a webpage in html/php
  • Reading sensor values and passing it to local server- Task 1

DAY – 4 | Internet of things with free Cloud service

  • Thingspeak introduction
  • Account creation in thingspeak and getting API key
  • Passing analog and digital sensor values to thingspeakusing API key
  • Remote controlling of the devices – Task 2
  • Project implementation

DAY – 5 | Task with digital sensor and IoT

  • PWM with ultrasonic sensor
  • Changing the intensity of buzzer with respect to distance
  • NODE MCU (PWM) with LED
  • Project implementation
  • Question and Answer


DAY – 6 | Introduction to Python

  • Introduction to Basic programming and concepts
  • Core objects and Built-in-Functions
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Hands on Training with Python Programmes

Day – 7 | Python

  • Inheritance
  • File Handling With Python
  • Classes, methods, functions and set of objects
  • Exception handling
  • Creating a new data type

DAY – 8| Python for IoT

  • Weather application with python
  • Weather notification
  • Python with Thingspeak application
  • Python GUI creation basics
  • Project implementation

DAY – 9 | Open CV- image processing with python

  • Open CV basics
  • Basic image commands in opencv
  • Colour conversions
  • Object detection
  • Threshold segmentation – binary , colouretc

DAY – 10 | Task with digital sensor and IoT

  • Video processing
  • IP CAM android app- using wireless method for video and image capturing
  • Video frame conversion
  • DEMO: Face recognition
  • Multiple object tracking based on colour
  • Digital ART Demo.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian detection Demo
  • Question and Answer

Raspberry Pi & IoT 5 Days (Week 3)

 DAY – 11 | Raspberry Pi & Its Programming

  • Raspberry pi 3 with python fundamentals
  • OS installation
  • Python Programme on Peripheral Interface
  • Peripheral interface with Pi – led and buzzer.

DAY – 12 | Hardware Peripheral Interface with Pi

  • Peripheral interfacing
  • IR sensor for object detection
  • PIR sensor for security application
  • Smart room using PIR Sensor – person count

DAY – 13 | Sensors and Camera Interface with Pi

  • Internet of things with raspberry pi 3
  • Ultrasonic with rpi
  • Object detection with distance measurement- blind spot detection
  • Camera interfacing for security application
  • Capturing and sending image on sensor detection through mail

DAY – 14 | Sensors and Camera Interface with Pi

  • Creating webpage for controlling devices
  • Espeak software introduction
  • Audio output for sensor detection for visually impaired person
  • Passing Sensor Information To Our Webpage

DAY – 15 | Pi interface with Open Source Cloud

  • Thingspeak with rpi
  • Writing and reading values from thingspeak
  • Thingspeak security system
  • Android app with raspberry and thingspeak for controlling devices


 DAY – 16 | Python on Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Algorithm
  • File handling, Exception handling, Command line arguments, modules and packages
  • Functions, String, List
  • Python Regular Expressions
  • Accessing CSV,JSON,XML files and Logging in python

 DAY – 17 | NumPy, Pandas in for Data analysis and ML

  • Data types:Array creation, I/O with NumPy, Indexing,Broadcasting,Byte-swapping,Structuredarrays,Subclassingndarray
  • Data Visualization
  • 2D plotting with Matplotlib
  • Advanced data visualization with Seaborn
  • Exploring Data with Pandas
  • Data manipulation with Pandas
  • Statistical analysis with Pandas
  • Time series analysis with Pandas

DAY – 18 | Machine Learning Theory with hands on Programming

  • Design a Learning System
  • Issues in Machine Learning
  • Bayesian Learning Techniques {Theory, Coding}
  • Linear models for Regression/Classification
  • {Theory, Coding}
  • Non-linear Models:
  • Decision Trees

DAY – 19 | Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Instance-based Learning:
  • k-Nearest Neighbor Learning
  • Support Vector Machine:
  • Linearly separable data
  • Non-linearly separable data
  • K-means clustering
  • Genetic Algorithm

DAY – 20 | Machine Learning Projects Walkthrough

  • Data cleaning and formatting , Exploratory data analysis, Feature engineering and selection
  • Establish a baseline and compare several machine learning models on a performance metric
  • Perform hyperparameter tuning on the best model to optimize it for the problem
  • AI Integration and Project Concepts.
  • Demonstration and Discussion on Mini Projects based on IoT with Node MCU.

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Registration Fee :

For Faculty / Industry Persons / Staffs / Students : Rs.8400/-

Certificate of Participation will be provided by National Institute of Technology , NIT,Surathkal

Participant Seats are limited to 60 . This will be on First Come , First Serve basis .

For Pre Registration

Please feel free to call the undersigned for any further clarifications .

Co ordinators:


Mobile : 9840974407
WhatsApp : 7010888841

[email protected]

Dr.B.Venkatesa Perumal
Dr. H. Nagendrappa
Dr. C.M.C Krishnan

Mail : [email protected] / [email protected]
Mobile: 08242473465 / 9980861389

raspbery pi workshop nit
raspbery pi workshop nit
raspberry pi workshop nit

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  1. Ajay Yadukrishnan

    The internship was very useful and it covered a lot of topics in a small time frame. The instructor was very friendly and also taught all the topics to the best of his abilities.

  2. Ankur Mahalle

    I am Prof. Ankur S. Mahalle attended the workshop on IOT and Machine learning ans AI at NITK, Surathkal.
    The workshop was pretty good and all task were completed and all topics were covered within time . Mr. Kailash trainer explained every point in detailed.

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