Fog removal in videos using OpenCV


Fog removal in videos using OpenCV

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Fog removal in videos using OpenCV


      Fog and haze (referred to as the atmospheric light) are the main cause of distortions, degradation in the quality of images clicked during foggy situations. Based on a newly presented haze-free image prior – dark channel prior and a common haze imaging model, for a single input image, we can estimate the global atmospheric light and extract the scene objects transmission. To prevent artifacts, we refine the transmission using a cross-bilateral filter, and finally the haze-free frame can be restored by inversing the haze imaging model. The whole process is highly parallelized, and can be easily implemented on modern GPUs to achieve real-time performance. Comparing with existing methods, our approach provides similar or better results with much less processing time.


  • outdoor surveillance
  • remote sensing 
  • intelligent vehicles

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