Fingerprint Based Locker System Using Arduino Uno

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In this, we used a fingerprint sensor to open or close the lock with the help of Arduino Uno and only authorized person can open or close the locker.  

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The fingerprint-based locker system is an enhancement to the traditional locker system that uses keys. Also, the keys must be taken care of and can also be lost due to some negligence. Well, the fingerprint-based locker system is here to solve all these issues. The fingerprinted authenticated locker system is safe as well as easy to use and maintain. No key handling does not have to be compelled to worry about key obtaining lost. The system uses fingerprint sensing to read fingerprints and first store registered fingerprints against the locker record. Currently next time someone scans finger the sensor reads it and compares it with past records. Now if a match is found with existing prints, it sends the match signal to the microcontroller and the controller displays this data on the LCD display. Also, the microcontroller gives the pulse voltage to drive the motor to open the locker and opens it for authorized customers. The door of the locker won’t open for unauthorized customers.  

Proposed System

This system is used for safety in the locker system. We are using a fingerprint sensor to open the locker. Who has authorized persons they only open them locker. If an unauthorized person holed finger means locker dos not open.

Block Diagram

block diagram of Fingerprint Based Locker System Using Arduino Uno

Demo  Video

Hardware Tools

  • Arduino Uno
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Motor Driver
  • LCD Display
  • DC Motor

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded-C

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