Finger-Vein Recognition System For ATM

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Finger-Vein Recognition System For Atm

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Synopsis :

              In this project, we propose a real-time embedded finger-vein recognition system for authentication on mobile devices. The system is implemented on an embedded platform and equipped with a novel finger-vein recognition algorithm. The proposed system consists of three hardware modules: image acquisition module, embedded main board, and human machine communication module. The structure diagram of the system  is  The image acquisition module is used to collect finger-vein images. The Embedded main board including the Microcontroller chip, memory (flash), and communication port is used to execute the finger-vein recognition algorithm and communicate with the peripheral device.

             Automated  teller  machines (ATMs) are well known devices typically used by individuals to carry out a variety of personal and business financial transactions and/or banking functions. ATMs have become very popular with the general public for their availability and general user friendliness. ATMs are now found in many locations having a regular or high volume of consumer traffic. For example, ATMs are typically found in restaurants, super markets, Convenience stores, malls, schools, gas stations, hotels, work locations, banking centers, airports , entertainment establishments, transportation facilities and a myriad of other locations. ATMs are typically available to consumers on a continuous basis such that consumers have the ability to carry out their ATM financial transactions and/or banking functions at any time of the day and on any day of the week.

Existing System :

             Existing ATMs are convenient and easy to use for most consumers. Existing ATMs typically provide instructions on an ATM display screen that are read by a user to provide for interactive operation of the ATM. Having read the display screen instructions, a user is able to use and operate the ATM via data and information entered on a keypad. However the drawback in the existing system is that the user should carry their ATM card without fail. But in many cases we forget it. So only we designed a system which helps us to use the ATM machine without the ATM card.

Proposed System :

  • The finger-vein is a promising biometric pattern for personal identification in terms of its security and convenience.
  • The vein is hidden inside the body and is mostly invisible to human eyes, so it is difficult to forge or steal.
  • The non-invasive and contactless capture of finger-veins ensures both convenience and hygiene for the user, and is thus more acceptable
  • The finger-vein pattern can only be taken from a live body. Therefore, it is a natural and convincing proof that the subject whose finger-vein is successfully captured is alive.

Block Diagram :

                  Finger-Vein Recognition System For ATM

    Finger-Vein Recognition System For ATM 2

Requirements :

Hardware Tools :

  • Power supply
  • Microcontroller
  • RF Module
  • Encoder/Decoder
  • Alarm unit
  • Serial communication

Software Tools :

  • Flash programmer
  • ORCAD Design
  • Language: Embedded C
  • VB
  • Matlab

Applications :

  • ATM and Credit card
  • Electronic passport
  • Airport

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