Fiber Optics Digital Transmitter

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Fiber Optics Digital Transmitter

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Key Features of Fiber Optics Digital Transmitter

  • On-board TTL generator at variable frequency.
  • Input over voltage protection using ICs.
  • Transmitter driver supports low and medium frequency input signal.
  • Supporting External TTL at variable range (10 Hz to 100 KHz).
  • Number of test point to study the Fiber Optic Digital link.
  • PC to PC communication over plastic fiber optic cable.
  • On chip Driver at the transmitter


  • Internal Function Generator
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Support External Function Generator

Transmitter Module

  • Transmitter LED Type : DC coupled
  • Source Wavelength : 660nm
  • Input signal type : Digital Data
  • Maximum I/P voltage : 5V
  • Supply Voltage : +15V DC
  • Function Generator : TTL Output at Variable Frequency
  • Data Rate : 1 Mbps
  • LED Interface : Self locking Cap
  • LED Driver : On board IC Driver
  • Serial Port : IC Max232 Driver
  • Supply current : 100 mA (Maximum)
  • Interface connectors : 2mm socket

Kit Includes

  • 1 Meter Fiber Cable :2 No’s
  • Serial Port Cable :2 No’s
  • Adapter 15V DC :2 No’s
  • Patch Chords: 6 No’s
  • Experimental User Manual: 1 No

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