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       College Workshops
  VIT, Vellore

The ARM Team from Pantech performed a complete One Day hands-on training and workshop with the title “Embedded System Design using ARM Processor”. A crew of three affiliates conducted the colloquium and the training sessions for the VIT’s ‘School of Electrical Sciences’. Interactive sessions were also held and the competitors were accolade with Pantech’s ARM Evaluation Starter Kit.

  Karpaga Vinayagar

A consolidated band of Pantech’s technical division presented a comprehensive tutorial on “Embedded System Designs”. The course group included designs on VLSI, Microcontrollers and the market analysis and applications of Embedded Systems on diverse fields. The appearance was aimed on the maturing electronic professionals to construct a strong base towards Embedded Systems.

  GU Pope

The team of VLSI Professionals from Pantech Solutions descended down of South Tamilnadu to make an impact on “The Design and Development of VLSI”. The tutorial included hands-on workshop and training on VLSI and ASIC Designs. The working out also included programming and evaluating Pantech’s FPGA and CPLD design kits.

  Narayana College of Engineering

Pantech accelerated towards Andhra Pradesh with our ARM Team in an attempt to carry out a technical discussion session which sustained for a couple of days. The session also included hands-on applied working out with the ARM Processor Core. The attendees were also schooled to use the tools and environments essential for Embedded System Design. The tutorial group of pupils was the up-and-coming potential engineers of the institute.


Balaji Institute of Technology

Pantech accomplished a methodological Faculty Development Program (FDP) with more than 20 faculties, who gathered-in from various Universities and Colleges. The program principally concentrated on “The 8-bit Architecture Microcontrollers” and the development tools and environment tools used therein. Pantech included themselves into this sitting with their own prototypic Evaluation Boards and Programming Hardware for the design and development.

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