ESP32 with LoRa -ESP32 Mini Projects

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ESP32 with LoRa -ESP32 Mini Projects

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ESP32 with LoRa -ESP32 Mini Projects

In this ESP32 Project,we’ll show you how to get started with LoRa with your ESP32 using Arduino IDE. As an example, we’ll build a simple LoRa Sender and a LoRa Receiver.

The LoRa Sender will be sending a “hello” message followed by a counter for testing purposes. This message can be easily replaced with useful data like sensor readings or notifications.

Package Contents

  • 2x ESP32 BAORD
  • 2x LoRa Transceiver modules (RFM95)
  • RFM95 LoRa breakout board (optional)
  • Jumper wires

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