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EMOTIV Insight is a sleek, 5-channel, wireless EEG headset that records your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data you can understand.

Shipping : 4 to 5 days from the date of purchase

Warranty : 1 Months




  • Elegant, lightweight, intuitive, ergonomic design
  • Provides high spatial resolution ensuring ‘whole brain’ measurement
  • Hydrophilic Polymer Sensor technology – No preparation, safe and no sticky gels!
  • Wireless connectivity to phone, tablet and PC
  • 4 hrs minimum battery run time, freeing you to maintain continual performance in almost any activity
  • 9 axis motion sensors for precision measurement of head position and movement
  • Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS compatible
  • Provides access to raw EEG data with software subscription
  • Leverage Performance Metrics, Mental Commands and Facial Expressions


  • 5 channels: AF3, AF4, T7, T8, Pz
  • 2 references: In the CMS/DRL noise cancellation configuration

Signal resolution:

  • Data transmission rate: 128 samples per second per channel
  • Minimum voltage resolution: 0.51μV least significant bit
  • Frequency response: 1-43Hz


  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Proprietary wireless: 2.4GHz band with purchase of EMOTIV USB Receiver accessory for connectivity with non BTLE compatible devices


  • Battery: Internal Lithium Polymer battery 480mAh
  • Battery life: 4 hours minimum run time

Additional information

Weight 1.000000 kg


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