Emotion recognition using deep learning openCV


Emotion recognition using deep learning openCV

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Emotion recognition using deep learning openCV

Emotion recognition is one of main applications of machine vision that widely used in recent years. Emotion recognition deals with the investigation of identifying emotions,techniques and methods used for identifying.Emotions can be identified from facial expressions,speech signals etc.Distances between facial landmarks is used to detect emotion. A face is represented as the position of the nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, and other areas, and then the distances between those points are calculated. 

Then, thresholds are established to detect the emotion. If the face in the image is smiling, the cheek positions would be closer to the eyes, the mouth would be stretched, and the eyes would be squinted. It can be used in areas of security, entertainment and human machine interface (HMI). In this project deep learning based emotion recognition has been proposed. This process involves training of different emotions and recognized based on Training.

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