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Embedded System, IoT, and PCB Design Master Class Series

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What you will learn on this 30 Days Master class?

Embedded System Design

✅DAY–1 Introduction to Embedded System and Choosing The Right Processor
✅DAY–2 Challenges in ESD, Components of ESD, RTOS
✅DAY–3 Introduction to 8051 Architecture
✅DAY–4 Introduction to Keil
✅DAY–5 Switch,Relay and UART -8051
✅DAY – 6 Bluetooth Based Home Automation
✅DAY – 7 Introduction to ARM7 & CORTEX M4 Architecture
✅DAY – 8 ARM7 Based- IOT Based Weather Monitoring System
✅DAY – 9 Cortex M4 -Led Blinking, Switch and UART
✅DAY – 10 Cortex M4 -Temperature Monitoring using LORA


✅DAY– 11 Introduction to IoT
✅DAY– 12 IoT Communication Protocols, IoT Clouds, Analytics & Data science
✅DAY– 13 Introduction to ESP32 and NodeMCU
✅DAY– 14 Sending Data to Thingspeak -Arduino+Humidity+Air quality(Weather monitoring system)
✅DAY– 15 Smart Humidity Sensor – ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and IFTTT

Iot Projects and Case Study

✅Day-16 Deploying a Machine learning Model on the Cloud
✅Day-17 Industrial Iot using LORA(Windmill case study)
✅Day-18 Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino and sending alerts
✅Day-19 Real time Video surveillance esp32cam and Blynk App
✅Day-20 Predictive Maintenance of a Duct Fan Using Nodemcu, ThingSpeak and MATLAB

PCB Design using Caddence Allegro

✅Day 21 Introduction to PCB Design
✅Day 22 8051 Board design (schematic and Component explanation)
✅Day 23 Schematic Tool Explanation
✅Day 24 Library creation
✅Day 25 Simple Schematic Design and Layout Design
✅Day 26 8051 Board Schematic Design
✅Day 27 8051 Schematic Library and Footprint Creation
✅Day 28 Component Placement
✅Day 29 Routing and Gerber Creation
✅Day 30 Graduation Day and Wrap up

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