EldTec: Improvement on Wearable Sensor for Elderly Fall Detection

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EldTec: Improvement on Wearable Sensor for Elderly Fall Detection

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EldTec: Improvement on Wearable Sensor for Elderly Fall Detection

     Falls are the main reason for causing health issues for eleder peoples. So fall detection is the most important and essential technology for the society. This project was developed to improve the wearable sensor based fall detection system. In this system we have used GY-85 which is a three-dimensional accelerometer and gyroscope . This sensor data’s are updated in Ubidots. The Ubidots cloud is designed to perform the calculation based on support vector machine (SVM) theory. If the sensor values are exceeds the pre defined value, it will sends the notification to the care takers using LINE app.The sensor is connected with NodeMcu ESP8266.

Proposed System
 In this project, Nodemcu ESP8266 used as a controller which is low cost and WIFI enabled SoC. GY-85 sensor is connected with conteroller which has nine axes which are the three-axis gyroscope, triaxial accelerometer (ADXL345) and three-axis magnetic field. It is used to detect the kinematics signal from the daily living of elder. Consequently, the data’s are monitored by the controller and the data’s are sent to the Udibots cloud. If the controller detects the abnormal value , it will sent the alert message to the end users using LINE application. It will help the elders to get the help from caretakers easily.

Hardware used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • GY-85

Software Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
  • Ubidots Cloud and LINE app

Additional information

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