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The ADSP-BF533/32/31 processors are enhanced members of the Blackfin processor family that offer significantly higher performance and lower power than previous Blackfin processors while retaining their ease-of-use and code compatibility benefits, processors are completely code and pin-compatible, differing only with respect to their performance and on-chip memory.

The BLACKFIN EVALUATION BOARD is specially designed for developers in dsp field as well as beginners. The BF532 KIT is designed in such way that all the possible features of the DSP will be easily used by everyone. The kit supports in VisualDsp++5.0 and later.


A Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the most commonly used components, usually for displaying pin’s digital states.


The BF532 EVB board has twelve LED Connected with Dsp I/O pins. The cathode of each LED connects to ground and Anode of each LED connects port via 180Ω resistor. To light an individual LED, drive the associated port signal to High.

Circuit diagram for LED with Blackfin


BF532 EVB Jumper Settings

1.   For Boot Mode 11 (Boot From SPI FLASH)

☞There should be jumper in “J8“(this is for MISO Pin HIGH at RESET)

☞There should be Jumper in “WP” (this should be there so, that the Utility code Residing in SPI Flash should not overwritten)

☞There should be jumper in the side of “BF532” for connector “SSEL” (This Should there because BF532 need to Boot from SPI FLASH)

☞There should not be any jumper in J1 (BMODE1) and J2 (BMODE0)(this Should be there so that the BOOTMODE is “11”)

2.   For Boot Mode 01(Boot from 8-bit/16-bit Flash)

The above settings can be kept or can be removed for this mode.

The Only requirement for this mode there should be jumper in “C” side for BMODE1 (J1) connector and there should not be any jumper for BMODE0 (J2)

Program for LED interfacing with Blackfin 532


Title : Program for LED



void main()


unsigned long int i;

*pFIO_DIR=0x2; while(1)


*pFIO_FLAG_S = 0x02;

for(i=0 ;


*pFIO_FLAG_C = 0x02;

for(i=0 ;