TMS320C6745 DSP Evaluation Board

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Key Features of TMS320C6745 DSP Evaluation Board

  • 256K bytes on-chip RAM.
  • On Board 16M bytes on-chip SDRAM Memory.
  • Boot ROM (8K x 16) via SCI.
  • On Board XDS100 Emulator for Execution,IEEE 1149.1 JTAG emulation connector,25 MHz crystals
  • Motor Control Peripherals.
  • Serial Communications Interfaces (SCIs), UART
  • On Board 2.7V Dual Channel 12-Bit A/D Converter with SPI Serial Interface.
  • Up to 109 individually Programmable, Multiplexed General-Purpose Input/output (GPIO) Pins.
  • 12 Digital LED Outputs and 8 Digital Inputs.
  • Multiple Booting Option DIP Switches.
  • On Board Reset Switch.

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The C6745 DSP Evaluation Board is a Low-power digital signal processor based on C674x DSP core. It consumes significantly lower power than other members of the TMS320C6000™ Platform of DSP’s. The C6745/6747 DSP core uses a two-level cache-based architecture. The Level 1 program cache (L1P) is a 32KB direct mapped cache and the Level 1 data cache (L1D) is a 32KB 2-way set-associative cache. The Level 2 program cache (L2P) consists of a 256KB memory space that is shared between program and data space. L2 also has a 1024KB ROM.

The C6745 DSP Evaluation Board is highly integrated, high-performance solution for demanding control applications and is the first 32-bit 150 MIPS DSP.

Benefits of TMS320C6745 DSP Evaluation Board

  • 300 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time).
  • Fixed/Floating Point Processor.
  • Advanced Motor control.
  • Commercial, Industrial or Automotive Temperature.
  • Signal Processing Applications.
  • Servo drives and motion control.

TEXAS – TMS320C6745

  • Two Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
  • C674x Two Level Cache Memory Architecture
  • 256K-Byte L2 Unified Mapped RAM/Cache.
  • 1024K-Byte L2 ROM.

DSP Kit Includes

  • TMS320C6745 DSP Evaluation Board
  • 5V Power Adaptor.
  • RS232 Serial Cable.
  • USB Cable.
  • CD Contains:
    • Examples
    • Software’s
    • utility
    • Datasheets

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