Coral plants classifcation using OpenCV


Coral plants classifcation using OpenCV

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Coral plants classifcation using OpenCV


        The preservation of the world’s oceans is crucial to human survival on this planet, yet we know too little to begin to understand anthropogenic impacts on marine life. This is especially true for coral reefs, which are the most diverse marine habitat per unit area (if not overall) as well as the most sensitive. The present study explores the use of computer vision techniques to analyze the complex image data of these samples in order to extract useful information based on morphological (visual) characteristics of the collected organisms. Various techniques at varying levels of sophistry are surveyed for their suitability to the present problem. In the end, the more complex techniques are ruled out in the favor of basic image processing ones, of which three are tested: canny edge detection, color space transformations, and histogram equalization.

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