Condition And Fault Monitoring By Using Sensor Nodes In An Elevators

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Condition And Fault Monitoring By Using Sensor Nodes In An Elevators

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This is the concept by using to monitor the health of elevator and condition and fault detection and checking by using Internet and sensor nodes. We find a fault in a elevator by using the sensor and send to the entire details to the Zigbee protocol and there we going to monitor the current of the elevator. Main motto of this concept we going continuously communicate with the controller and detect the problem and make solution as well as quick. Why because without checking the condition of the elevator we get maximum problem. In a exiting system they just monitor the problem of the elevator they didn’t take any solution to control this problem. But this paper we will monitor the entire details of this elevator make a alert and give the solution of the problem in instantly. In this we used the signal processing for the detection acceleration elevator by using the accelerometers and overload measurement we use load cell and finally we use the vibration sensor for the unwanted vibration measuring. We will pass the signal from the door by the purpose acceleration monitoring, if we get any acceleration means it give the alert to the service station and update the data from the website by using Internet.



  •   In exiting system only monitor the elevator
  •   There is no signal processing unit for this exiting method.



  •   In our system used to the signal processing unit for monitor the elevator door.
  •   Accelerometer we used to detect the any acceleration of the elevator.
  •   By use the Zigbee protocol we will update and monitor the entire status of the elevator.





This is the concept by using to monitor the health of elevator and condition and fault detection for elevator. In this enter system monitor by sensor like accelerometer temperature and vibration sensor. In elevator if you have any problem means automatically alert message will send through monitor section via zigbee protocol. Same time the automatic system will active in elevator. Based sensor condition the microcontroller will take discussion to control elevator.



  •   Micro controller
  •   Accelerometer
  •   Load Cell
  •   Vibration sensor



  •   Arduino IDE
  •   Embedded c



  •   More accuracy for the fault detection .
  •   Easy to transfer data from the others.
  •   More security for the controlling system.


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