Coin recognition using opencv


Coin recognition using opencv

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Coin recognition using opencv

Coins are a primary need of human life. They are used in everyone’s daily routine, like banks, transport, market and these spare changes also has various other uses than realization traded in for cash similar to measurement purpose, in games (toss), in organizations for research point, etc. So, it holds a vast significance that coins can be detected with high accuracy.The project objective is to use a webcam to detect US coin currency on a table and classify each coin, counting the total change.The simplest approach to detect non-touching coins was to preprocess the image to a grayscale then threshold and apply findContour. This approach does not work with touching coins or partially occluded coins.Finally ended up evaluating both Hough Transforms and a Watershed segmentation algorithm. These two methods were chosen because they both handle partial occlusion. However, after looking at a specific case of a false coin a weakness in the Watershed algorithm was noted. The final algorithm selection was the Hough Transform. For more on the Watershed weakness see the appendix. 

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