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Chatbot Projects using Dialogflow

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Chatbot is a well known application of human computer interaction, Easy and efficient way of creating Chatbot is using Dialoflow. This chatbot project helps you to develop your own assistance which assist you through Voice chat as well as through Text chat. Chatbot using Dialogflow projects are listed below.

Chatbot for web support

This Chatbot enables to design your own custom bot, to answer custom answers for support in the web page.

Support chatbot for web 
Support chatbot for web 

Chatbot for Mobile phone using Whatsapp

This project integrates your chatbot with your Mobile phone to have conversation with your bot from the Mobile using Twilio

Chatbot integrated with Iphone Whatsapp
Chatbot integrated with Iphone Whatsapp

Google assistance chatbot using Raspberry Pi with Respeaker

Pre-build Chatbot using Google Assistance with Raspberry pi using Respeaker, a 4 mic array makes to feed the voice commands from the distance.

Respeaker is connected with Raspberry Pi
Respeaker is connected with Raspberry Pi

Custom Chatbot assistance using Raspberry Pi

This project helps you to build your own chatbot and to deploy the chatbot in Raspberry Pi to make your own Alexa or Echo like model with custom commands.

Your own Alexa like Voice assistance
Your own Alexa like Voice assistance

Smart Home using your chatbot

This chatbot alows you to Turn on and Turn off the home applicances using Raspberry Pi with Respeaker

Smart Receptionist Voice chatbot using Dialogflow with Raspberry Pi

This is the project of building your own receptionist, which asks user name and the appointment time and fix the appointment for you.

Food booking Chatbot using Dialogflow

This chatbot helps to order your food by asking your MailID, Contact No, Pizza size, Toppings, address of delivery in the protype model displays only the order messages not realtime booking.

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