Characteristics of LASER Diode

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Characteristics of LASER Diode

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Key Features

  • On-board DC source.
  • Input over voltage protection using active components.
  • Supporting External DC voltage at variable range (0V to 5V).
  • Number of test point to study the Laser Diode characteristics.
  • Wider bandwidth link at 650nm.


  • Internal DC Source
  • Support External DC Source

Laser Module

  • Laser Diode Type : DC coupled Red color
  • Source Wavelength : 650nm
  • Maximum I/P voltage : 5V
  • Supply Voltage : +12V DC
  • Laser Diode operation mode : Forward Bias
  • Laser Interface : Free Space
  • Supply current : 100 mA (Maximum)
  • Interface connectors : 2mm socket

Kit Includes

  • Interface Cable:1 No’s
  • Adapter 12V DC:1 No’s
  • Patch Chords: 3 No’s
  • Experimental User Manual: 1 No’s
  • Laser Source:1 No’s

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