BUS Tracking system Using ESP32

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BUS Tracking system Using ESP32

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BUS Tracking system Using ESP32

In this fast life, everyone is in hurry to reach their destinations. In this case waiting for the buses is not reliable. People who rely on the public transport their major concern is to know the real time location of the bus for which they are waiting for and the time it will take to reach their bus stop. This information helps people in making better travelling decisions. This paper gives the major challenges in the public transport system and discuses various approaches to intelligently manage it. Current position of the bus is acquired by integrating GPS device on the bus and coordinates of the bus are sent by either Wi-fi provided by GSM networks or SMS or RFID. GPS device is enabled on the tracking device and this information is sent to centralized control unit or directly at the bus stops using RF receivers. This system is further integrated with the historical average speeds of each segment. This is done to improve the accuracy by including the factors like volume of traffic, crossings in each segment, day and time of day. People can track information using LEDs at bus stops, SMS, web application or Android application. GPS coordinates of the bus when sent to the centralized server where various arrival time estimation algorithms are applied using historical speed patterns.

Hardware used

  • ESP32
  • GPS

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

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