User manual for Brainsense with Brainwave Visualizer,Installation guide

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Installation guide

Run the Brainwave Visualizer Setup.exe installer in the DVD.

You may be prompted several times as part of Windows for security checks. Simply continue the following guides to complete the successful installation.

  • Open the Brainsense or Mindwave mobile DVD in the folder view.


Start of Installation: Figure 1

  • Run the Mindwave_Mobile_Kit.exe file.
  • The Mindwave Mobile or Brainsense setup welcome wizard windows will pop up now.


Mindwave Mobile welcome wizard: Figure 2

  • Click Next.
  • Mindwave Mobile setup popup the new window to check for the latest version of Mindwave Mobile Software Click YES. This step requires an internet connection. You can skip this update check by clicking NO. The Brainsense/Mindwave Mobile also works with the current version.


  • Click ok.


  • Read the NeuroSky Mindwave License Agreement.
  • Choose to accept the agreement.
  • Click Next.


Installation: Figure 3

  • Now the Mindwave Mobile setup is installing the software.


Installation: Figure 4


Installation: Figure 5

  • Note down the Bluetooth authentication code (0000) and Click Next.


Installation: Figure 6

  • Click Finish. Now Mindwave Mobile tutorial software is successfully installed.


Installation: Figure 7

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