Brain parameter analysis with Mindwavemobile/Brainsense using Matlab


Brain parameter analysis using Mindwavemobile/Brainsense using Matlab

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There are many Biosignal, which can be obtained from our human body, among that EEG (Electroencephalography) wave which is obtained from the Brain. EEG is the wave, which is generated by the electrical activity, which is happening in our Neurons. There are Five EEG Bands which lies in different frequencies they are,

  • DELTA – 0 to 3 Hertz Frequency
  • THETA – 3 to 8 Hertz
  • ALPHA -8 to 12 Hertz
  • BETA – 12 to 27 Hertz
  • GAMMA – 27 to 100 Hertz of Frequency

Block diagram

Block diagram of Brain parameter analysis using Mindwavemobile/Brainsense using Matlab

Block diagram description

In the above Block diagram, Brainsense is fixed in the Head, which is connected, to the Matlab by connecting the Device with the Laptop/PC via Bluetooth. Matlab process and analyze to results the different bands of the EEG signal.

Project description

Extracting Brainwaves from the Brain using Mindwavemobile/Brainsense process which is known as Signal Acquisition. After it is obtained from the Brain it gets processed using Matlab for various analysis which is known as Signal Processing. Thus this project results in the various EEG bands which gets processed from our Brain signal.

Hardware required

  • MindwaveMobile/Brainsense

Software required

  • Matlab (32-bit)


Each EEG bands resulting in some of the activities of Brain like Activeness, Drowsiness, Deep sleep by analyzing that parameter will be used for research purpose for several applications

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