Brain Controlled Robot using Brainsense

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Brain controlled Robot uses BCI(Brain Computer Interface) technology, to monitoring Brainwaves and developing brain actuated appplications such as Brain controlled robot using EEG measuring devices such as Brainsense / Mindwave mobile


Monitoring Brainwaves | Controlling Robot

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Although lot of industries are moving towards Artificial Intelligence, some industries are still working on enhancing the human and to make them intelligent, instead of making robots as intelligent. The technology which is used to analyze the brain, BCI – Brain Computer Interface, it is kind of monitoring the electrical activity of the brain neurons which the study is known as EEG (Electroencephalography). Brainsense is also one of the low cost EEG measuring device, helps to analyze Attention, Meditation and RAW EEG with its bands such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta.



It this experiment, Brainsense is interfaced with the Matlab to get streaming on EEG packets and to do processing extract the Blink waves and fed control command to the Arduino for movement of the car via Bluetooth. So this project acquires 3 process.

Signal acquisition – Acquiring EEG packets from the Brainsense

Signal Processing – Matlab is used for processing the signal and to extract the Eye blink signal

Application – After classifying the signal, car movement can be decided based on GUI that when you blink.

Existing system

In the existing system, there are robots controlled through mobile or joystick, which there is no technology like BCI is used.

Proposed System

In this proposed system, robot gets controlled by your brain waves. It is done with the help of EEG Device, Brainsense.

Circuit diagram

Brain-controlled robotic car using Raspberry Pi
Brain-controlled robotic car using Raspberry Pi

Connection Description

Above circuit shows Arduino Robotic car connections, with the help of driver circuit with the battery. Brainsense is connected with the Laptop via Bluetooth. Control signals will be sent from Laptop to the Robot via Bluetooth module.

Project Description

In this project, Brainsense is connected with the laptop, by using Matlab brain wave is acquired and processed to detect eye blinks. In GUI buttons are designed for every direction, the loop function move towards every direction continuously, at the same time it monitors the EEG signals to detect blink waves. Whenever it detects the eye blink at certain button of GUI, Robot moves to appropriate direction by using Bluetooth communication. Status of brainwave processing will be shown in the text boxes.

Hardware Required

  • Brainsense
  • Arduino UNO
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Robotic car

Software Required

  • Matlab
  • Arduino IDE


In this project, we are using our real time RAW EEG waves and process through Matlab to extract blink waves.

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