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Very important about eye blinking in Neurosky with Arduino

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hi :)

I am working on a robot run by Neurosky mindwave

right by on blink
left by two blink
forward meditation
backward attention

the code blink this

// //
// Program : Mindwave with Arduino //
// Interfacing : HC-05 Bluetooth Module //
// Output : Eye Blink Control LED //

this code one blink only
and i want this code by two blink how????
any information about this give me

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can any one tell me how to extract the eyeblink strength from the output of mindwave

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eye blink strength algorithm is performed on think gear driver ,this value is not in thinkgear packets which is transmitted from mindwave.It is calculated from the raw eeg emitted from mindwave,so you could not take eye blink strength , if you directly interface arduino with mindwave.rather use matlab ,java or c for reading eyeblink stregth.

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In the arduino eeg blink tutorial you have some nice graphs showing that blink is an eeg artifact. What did you use to produce the graphs (and how have you normalised the raw eeg data?)?

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Those graphs are just displayed to know about the visualize knowledge of Eye blink in RAW EEG signal. RAW EEG data Value consists of two bytes, and represents a single raw wave sample. Its value is a signed 16-bit integer that ranges from -32768 to 32767.

By default, Mindwave Mobile / Brainsense output of this Data Value is enabled, and is outputed 512 times a second, or approximately once every 2ms.
The graphs which are displayed in the above blink are captured using NeuroView (Research Tools).

The unsigned one byte eye blink value reports the intensity of the user's most recent eye blink. Its value ranges from 1 to 255 and it is reported whenever an eye blink is detected. The value indicates the relative intensity of the blink, and has no units.

If you want to get an EYE blink strength value, This data value is currently only available via the ThinkGear Communication Driver TGCD and TGC APIs. It is not directly available as output from any current ThiinkGear hardware/ThinkGear packets.

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Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I am running Linux and so the thinkgear drivers are of no real use to me :( I have had reasonable success in recoding the basic functionality in python, but the work is still in the early stages and so functionality such as eye blink detection & eye blink strength is missing.

I was wondering what the difference in the Noisy EEG Raw data wave (Before Calibration) and the EEG Raw data wave (After Calibration) graphs was - that is, how is calibration performed?