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Brain Computer Interface for wheelchair movement

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hello sir

our project as mentioned above is implementation of a BCI for wheelchair movement.
our plan is to use the digital values generated using guidemo_med.m to run a motor. after analyzing the code provided by you... we thought that we could map the values appearing on the command window to run the for a specific value say 100... so whenever 100 appears on the screen we want the motor to run in clockwise...
how can this be done? what variable should we use to check if the condition is satisfied using 'if' statement or so.

Ashwini, Aparna

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Could u pls upload the m file what u have and if you need syntax help in matlab

you could refer the following slide

let me know if you have any questions

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Hello sir,
Which is the type of dry sensor used in the ThinkGear headset?

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Silver chloride is the type of material used for EEG electrode

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Hello, I want to blink the LED using mind wave.Can I use guidemo_med.m for it? Please help me with this.