xWifi:A fingertip-sized wifi module,Open source for IoT(Internet of Things)

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xWifi module only specifications:


  • SoC – Mediatek MT7681 802.11 b/g/n SoC with 32-bit RISC CPU. Support for Client/softAP mode. Package size 5×5 mm
  • Storage – 512KB SPI Flash (for firmware)
  • I/Os via headers:
    • UART and SPI interfaces.
    • 5x GPIOs
    • PWM
  • Power – 3.3V, GND
  • Power Consumption – ~70mA  @ 5V (during RX active)
  • Dimensions – 14 x 17 mm

The module can be used for smart home appliances, smart plug and door locks, smart lighting, metering, remote control, network consumer devices, and more.
There’s also a dock available with xWifi modules:

  • Relay – 3V for control pins. 230V/10A support.
  • Sensors – Humidity & Temperature sensor
  • Header – 2x 8 pin header for xWifi module
  • Misc – 3-color LED
  • Power – 5V via micro USB port
  • Dimensions – N/A, estimated ~ 4 x 3 cm


Pin details



pin details of wifi



How it Works


1.Compile the source code which was released from MTK :

wifi compile




2.Flash the binary file “MT7681_all.bin” into the wifi chip through a USB-SPI tool.

3.Connect the UART of wifi module via a USB-TTL tool to PC and power on the module .